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CLAM Testimonials 

A place to share successes & failures, motivations & hardships, and anything else about YOUR story. BBT is about family and hearing from the inspiring CLAMS who show up every day no matter what! 

If you'd like to be featured on this page just send an email to with your BBT journey.  Include a progress picture or a picture of yourself that you feel strong in!

Meet The CLAMS


Sue Heaps, 55

Lives in Fall City, WA

Happily Retired :)

Mom to four rescue dogs

Branka Donnelly, 48

Originally from Belgrade, Serbia now reside in Toronto Canada

Law clerk for 18 years 


Bridget Graff, 42

Originally from Illinois, currently lives in Saxonburg, PA

Currently does CAD drawings for her family-owned land surveying company and also sells athletic clothing

Mother of two


Stacey Pollock, 34

Currently lives in Knoxville, TN

PA in Internal Medicine

Mom of two girls

unnamed-1 copy.jpg

Hannah Kelly, 31

From Abington, Massachusetts

Hairstylist for 13 years

Mom of two boys


Jane Conrod, 42

From Nova Scotia, now live in Ottawa, Ontario.

High school Vice Principal

Mom of 3 daughters and a stepson

unnamed-1 copy 2.jpg

Lauren Distretti, 37

From Memphis Tn and still, live here with 2 kids

Registered Nurse

unnamed-2 copy 2.jpg

Mary Duffy, 31

West Loop, Chicago

Executive assistant


"Where to start... I started BBT on July 6th, 2020. I had just spent a week away where I was in a swimsuit.... UGG! I gave myself a 6-month window to see results and if not I was going to get lipo. I was tired of always losing 15 pounds to gain 10 back you know the yo yo. So, this ultimately started as a weight loss journey but in the course of a year, I gained self-love and worth.  There was all of a sudden, a value to my life that never really had. I now had the strength to leave an unstable unhealthy marriage and start a new life a healthy and happy one with my 2 children. In February his aggression and manipulation became escalated and your workouts were my saving moment to gain clarity and get "real" with myself to stay or leave. On April 26th I asked him to leave. On May 21st I filed for divorce and I cried so hard during that fireball Friday. I was awarded the protection order from the courts for me and my children. There are many rocky days and trying to juggle ALL the things and work out is HARD but walking through the fire and sweating with you and the clams is the best. So if anyone out there thinks they are not worth more.... they truly are. They are worth the world.  You inspire me every day to put my shoes on and shake my ass. I no longer think I need lipo, I am quite fond of my wobbly parts because the other parts feel whole and strong. Thank you for showing up and being strong and always smiling you have touched so many people. I am grateful I found you." - Maria Taylor

"My name is Hannah Kelly I’m 31 years old and I’m from south of Boston. The pandemic was very challenging for me, my husband left his job as a local police officer to become a Massachusetts state trooper in January 2020. The Massachusetts state police academy you live there Monday-Friday no communication with family. While he was gone I found out I was pregnant and expecting our second baby boy! (We have a 3-year-old Silas and a 9-month-old Damien.) Once the pandemic hit my husband stayed at the academy while I stayed home with our son and attended doctor's appointments alone. My health was not the best and I gained 51 pounds during that pregnancy. January 2021 I told my husband I needed the motivation to get back into shape. He told me to write down my goals and if I achieve them he would buy me my lifelong dream PELOTON BIKE! (I love to spin it’s my favorite cardio workout.) So I found Meghan on Instagram after a friend told me how great she was and I’ve been doing her workouts since the beginning of March 2021 and not only did I lose the weight I gained so much muscle and toned my body. I feel so healthy and most importantly strong for my boys. Oh ya, my PELOTON arrives Tuesday 22nd!!!!! Thank you so much Meghan for keeping me motivated. #blessed"  - Hannah Kelly

"Meghan, The CLAM family, and the BBT experience have changed my life. It has changed how I approach my overall health. I truly enjoy working out every single day with Meghan. That is something that I have never done. I’m an OG clam and I don’t plan on going anywhere. I tell everyone I know about the BBT experience when asked what I am doing to look so fit. Thank you, Meghan! Thank you Clamily! I couldn’t do it without you!" - Stacey Pollock

"I’m not good at writing, much better at talking..  so that being said, I’m just going to start by saying.. my name is Faye the  clam (OG clam). 

Back in January 2020, I had Rotator cuff surgery. 6 weeks in a sling, 3 months of PT and not to mention the Covid pandemic. I went from exercising 4/5 days a week, Down to only doing treadmill and elliptical.  It’s safe to say I was going insanely crazy!! 

Then I find Meghan and The BBT Thru Dana Lynn (Devotion Nutrition). I started doing her workouts on May 17, 2020, joined the June 1 challenge and the rest is history. Meghan is my personal coach/friend and life savior I have gone from I HAD to to WANTING and LOVING to exercise. I look forward to the workouts, they are the highlight of my days. it’s an hr of laughter, tear shedding, exercise and always beat drops (love me a good one). She has mentally changed my thinking from:  instead of comparing myself to others: This is me and I will make the best of myself!! I have gone from not wearing shorts to wearing the fuckin shorts!! (Despite the loose skin and ripples).

I haven’t fully gotten over what ppl think of how I look in the shorts. (working on it). Bottom line, this Human that the good lord from above sent to me is the kindest, loving, selfless, caring individual that I am thankful for every single day of my life!!! She has created such a loving and supportive community and is always right there for All of us!! I love you, my dear friend!!!" - Faye Gaidatzis

"Well, you said push yourself to feel uncomfortable, so here it is… results/testimonial….hands down, BBT is the best thing I discovered during lockdown!I never had the self-discipline to work out at home - BBT changed that. I especially love the Instagram LIVE sessions because it feels like I’m in the same room working out with my besties – chatting back and forth and cracking jokes – the time flies by and with a huge calorie-burning bonus." - Shannon Price

"After over a full year of consistent workouts with the BBT clams, I can 100% say that I am stronger both physically and mentally, more coordinated, more confident, more sassy, and more willing to kick any “bad guy’s” ass with a powerful left hook! This community has brought me so much, and I am forever grateful to Meghan for my new friends, my new body, and my new outlook on life!! POW" - Nickole Gilliam

"You always hear people talk about things that changed their lives, this is mine! I started BBT in December of 2020, and the past 7 months have been the best and most defining of my life. BBT and all it comes with: the community, the guidance from Meghan, and the pure joy it brings have defined me by affirming me in who I am and what my body is capable of doing. This community and these workouts brought me out of a season of constant negative thoughts about my body, and I cannot wait to keep learning, getting stronger, making friends, feeling like a badass, and loving my vessel. Working hard, feeling good… the craving for a certain number on a scale, and the scale itself, is nonexistent— imagine if the societal norm became THAT. It’s the clam norm, but a goal and a prayer for all of society for sure. If you find something that makes you smile THIS big… you’d be a fool not to dive into it." -Libby Moak

"There are just not enough words to say how thankful I am to have found you! After a little health issue In December of 2019, I lost a lot of weight and not in a healthy way. (Not eating disorder, just couldn’t physically keep food down). Anyway, I have never felt so weak in my life. And all I kept hearing from people was omg you’re soooo skinny! Which for some people would have been the greatest compliment, but I have never wanted to be the skinny society tells us to be. I have always wanted to be strong in more ways than just physically. And then I found you! It was like God said to me to watch Shelby's videos a little more closely and after I did, the rest is history. The minute you press start on that video, it’s a mental, physical, and spiritual reset. Stress fades, you feel like a badass and you have a connection and support system instantly. Sure all of life is still there when the video ends, but you’re more refreshed and ready to face and conquer this crazy life with renewed spirit. THIS is what I get to experience every day. And over time, it has become my one constant amid such a hectic life. So thank you for giving me energy, hope, strength (both physically and mentally), support, and love that helps me get through each day and look forward to another tomorrow! I truly cannot thank you enough for sharing yourself with all of us. My life is forever changed because of you!" - Lauren Distretti 

"Oh man, where do I even begin?! As you already know, you and BBT have changed every single aspect of my literal ENTIRE life. For those that don't... I am 31 years old (32 in Oct), born and raised in Chicago, the youngest of four, Aunt to 3, Ole Miss Alum, and since college have lived in Nantucket, Washington, DC, & Boston, before moving back to Chicago 6 years ago. Health and fitness have NEVER been in my life. I played sports in high school, but since college, never worked out and was not active in any way. I have always struggled with body image and anxiety. I am the world's pickiest eater, and my diet consisted of cheese and chicken tenders for the majority of my life. When I was 28, I lost my mom after a very quick three-year battle with brain cancer. When she was diagnosed, I stopped living my life for me. I moved back to Chicago and helped her in every way I knew how, but in the meantime, failed to take care of myself, mentally or physically. Over the course of her treatment, and multiple severe ankle injuries, I slowly but steadily started to gain weight. After she passed, I gained almost 60 pounds in less than 3 months, putting me at the heaviest weight in my life. I used food to cope with emotions, depression and relentless grief, closet eating, and binge eating to the point where I spiraled out of control. I was depressed, anxious, and afraid to ask for help. I started my weight loss journey in February 2020 after having to buy a size 22 in pants. I woke up and decided enough was enough and I just started to move. In the beginning, it was hard. I could hardly get through 20 minutes on the elliptical. I couldn't do a sit up to save my life because my stomach was in the way, and didn't even attempt to do a lunge. If you told me I would be doing burpees by choice almost every day a year later, I would have laughed literally out loud. I didn't know where it was going to lead, but I just kept showing up, and now here we are almost a year and a half later and still working mentally and physically every single day. I never in my life imagined I would be here now. 99% of my journey has taken place during the pandemic, with no access to a gym, struggling to find weights to buy, no access to a nutritionist, but none of that was going to stop me. Finding BBT has been the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me in my life and in this journey. While losing weight is a perk, the other benefits I have gotten out of BBT have been truly life changing. I have been able to mostly overcome an eating disorder and continue to work on my relationship with food every single day. I have thrown out the scale. With your literal daily help, I have turned this weight loss journey into a lifestyle that I can maintain for the long term. I am no longer pre-diabetic. I walk literally everywhere I go, and am active ALL day long. I have learned and am continuing to practice moderation in all things, and enjoy everything I ate and drank before, just with balance. I have always been confident, but the best compliment I have gotten through this journey is that my smile is back, and bigger than ever. I could have NEVER done any of this without you, BBT, and the community of people that I have built around me through BBT. This journey is ever-evolving, but I am more motivated than ever to keep going! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! Love you!" - Mary Duffy


"These two photos were taken exactly one year apart after going for a run.  I can see the changes on the outside and I feel the changes on the inside. My smile is now brighter and I’m more confident than I was. It’s not only my face that has changed along this journey but my body and mind have changed also. I know the focus of this journey is not all about weight loss, but it was a big goal of mine and I now feel comfortable in my own body. I know I’ll never be ‘perfect’ (whatever that is), but I’ve learned to be proud of what my body can do. Tomorrow I celebrate my one-year Clamiversary! I am forever grateful for you. You’ve changed my life and the way that I view myself, food, and my fitness goals.  Thank you!" - Jane Conrad 

"I have already said this many times but Meghan was sent by the universe to me to help me overcome some of the hardest things in my life while also making physical changes and becoming healthier.  BBT has made me emotionally stronger, more confident, able to self-love and self-soothe.  It’s so much more than just a workout. Workout is just a small component of the movement that BBT is.  I am almost 49 and I never felt better in my entire life.  I look forward to doing the workouts every day and I never liked working out.  BBT has become an essential part of my day.  Like brushing teeth in the morning.  Forever grateful for Meghan and BBT! - Branka Donnelly

"I’m so excited to join this community. I’ve never been a person who talks about someone’s “energy” or “vibe” (which is what I imagine people who are much cooler than me say), but I am so inspired by the energy Meghan exudes every day! It is absolutely infectious. So, I’m here for the endorphins and the fun, but I’m also here because I want to be in my best BBT shape for my wedding in December to the handsome guy with me there, Clay." - Kathleen Smith

"I'm Ashley and I just became an official clam! I've been doing the Instagram workouts for the past six weeks and wanted to finally join the subscription part. I'm 29 and a mom to four. I've got an 8-year-old daughter, a 5-year-old daughter, a three-year-old boy, and a two-year-old boy.I've been naturally thin my whole life but never felt like working out. I honestly hated doing it. After having kids, my body has changed and I have felt so tired and run down. I knew that exercise and better eating were going to be my ticket to feeling better and stronger for my kiddos. I had been following BBT on Instagram for months because of Heather McMahan and just put off doing the workouts saying oh I'll get to it eventually. Finally, I was like alright let's do this and now I'm never looking back. Even on the days I'm tired and feel like I can't do it, Meghan's motivation and bubbly personality keeps me going. I'm excited to join this group of wonderful ladies!" - Ashley Nuemn 

"My name is Catie and August is my 1 year anniversary of officially clamming, although I dabbled in July of last year. This group has been life-changing and life-saving for me! The pandemic threw everyone for a loop and I found myself WFH, isolated (just me and my dog Popcorn), and experiencing a lot of anxiety. I have always enjoyed some level of good health and moving my body, but never stuck with anything very long. I usually end up dreading the activity at some point! I hate the gym, group classes make me self-conscious, and it is TOO hot in Florida for any non-water activities. Thank goodness Heather McMahan led me to Meghan! I started with 5lb weights and lots of beating myself up. Now those are my baby weights, I'm using 20lbs and pushing myself with workout words! I did approach my clamiversary with a bit of disappointment. July was rough (only got about 9 days in). My body hasn't changed as much as I expected it to after a year of working out. But, I took a step back and realized that so many other things have changed for the positive:

My confidence is better than it's ever been, I experience much less anxiety, I still have a lil belly, but love my arm and shoulder definition, I look forward to working out, I think more positively and can mentally push through tough tasks in life, I threw out the scale to focus on how I feel and how things fit, I've been a pretty healthy eater for a while now (vegetarian 80% of the time) but I'm checking my snacking and portions.I have stopped giving AF about other people's opinions of me. None of my business anymore, I have made so many new friends, overall, life is just better as a Clam! So, new and seasoned Clams, don't be afraid to alter your expectations! Whether you lose weight, gain stamina, or just feel better every day, stick with it and you'll get positive results. Just maybe not what you expected! I'm not sure what the next year will look like. My job is dragging us back to Cube City soon, which is stressful with the rise of Delta in FL and how it will change my new daily WFH routine, which I Iove. It's going to be nearly impossible to join live But I will adjust and find new ways to clam! If you are in Florida and ever want to meet up (safely ), let me know! Paddleboarding, hiking, drinking wine... whatever!" - Catie Tappan

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